Stanley Rosenberg Klinik


Stanley is teaching short courses that reflect the techniques and approaches that his is using in his sessions today.

The Polyvagal Theory and Optimal breathing: self help exercises and hands on techniques

These exercises and hands- on treatments help to establish the function of the ventral branch of the vagus nerve 

We also focus on the nerves and some of the visceral organs that might have been creating restrictions in the movement of the diaphragm. Increasing the volume of the chest with self help exercises and hands on techniques improves the size of the chest, optimizes the movement of of the respiratory diaphragm and improves the breathing capacity. 

Using these techniques has helped several people with COPD (Kol).and asthma.

This unique course is based on Stanley's book, "The healing Power of the Vagus Nerve" and his years of exploring ways to improve his own breathing.

For information about courses in the USA, contact Judith Johnson.

For information about courses on Iceland contact Helena Gudbjartsdottir.

Dates for courses will be eventually be set in Copenhagen.

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Connective Tissue and the release of scar tissue (dates will be set from time to time)