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Courses on Breathing 

The optimal respiration - I taught these course at Sri Sri University in India in January 2018

Learn Exercises and Techniques to Release Your Respiration 

Get New Insights into the Respiratory Physiology

Learn to diagnose the level of function / dysfunction in your breath 

Right from first to last breath, our breath is closely linked to our health, well-being, emotion, courage and quality of life.

Respiration is the most significant factor in our sense of well-being and for our life expectancy - more important than what we eat, how much we exercise, or whether we smoke or not. COPD is the third most frequent cause of death in the United States.

Improvement of breathing affects our autonomic nervous system. In my clinic, it has become an equally important part of my own treatments like KST.

To improve breathing we use KST and selected organ massage and connective tissue techniques.

The purpose of the workshop is  to facilitate optimal inhalation for yourself and your clients: 

Everybody can participate, as the techniques and exercises are simple (experience with massage or other physical therapy is an advantage).