Stanley Rosenberg Klinik

Polyvagal theory

Courses will be held in 2018 in Los Angeles and Asheville, North Carolina

My book, "The Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve," was published in December by Random House. Random House is the largest publisher in the world.

Polyvagal Theory was formulated by Stephen Porges (USA) in 1994. It is the key to a simple model for understanding the relationship between body, mind and emotion.

The theory has quickly become popular among body therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and researchers - among them: Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experience (SE) and popular author of books on trauma treatment.

Stanley Rosenberg met Stephen Porges 12 years ago and they have taught at 4 courses together in Germany, USA and Denmark.
Stanley Rosenberg will teach from his 45 years of experience as a body therapist and practical understanding of Polyvagal Theory. He will present how the nervous system - in connection with our thoughts, sensations and feelings - creates our psychological conditions. These conditions also influence our actions, health and muscular tone in the body.

Stanley is a master in developing simple, effective techniques and exercises that improve the condition of the autonomic nervous system and thereby help people to be more social, open minded and caring; and to think clearly and be more creative and productive. You will be taught in bathing techniques and exercises.

You will also learn to diagnose - to read the specific physiological signs that show the level of function / dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system. This makes it possible to evaluate the condition before and after a treatment to ensure that it has had the desired effect as well as the expectation of future improvement.

This workshop will give you and your clients the opportunity to enjoy an optimal state of social interaction more often - to be more open minded, creative and at the top mentally and physically. You will get more out of your relationships with others - friends, colleagues and your closest.